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February 01 2015

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Problem jaki masz, jest w Twojej głowie gdzieś
Będę zawsze stać po Twojej stronie, wiedz.
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January 21 2015

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January 11 2015

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Polecam bardzo, pomieszanie the xx i glena portera, coś pięknego
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January 09 2015

create the music. by clicking the squares.
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January 05 2015

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December 17 2014

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December 16 2014

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Why wouldn't you tie your soul to me?
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December 06 2014

December 03 2014

November 25 2014

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Don't you want somebody to love?
Don't you need somebody to love?
Wouldn't you love somebody to love?
You'd better find somebody to love
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November 20 2014

November 18 2014

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Totally brilliant! <3
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November 03 2014

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October 26 2014

October 03 2014

po co łapać króliczka, skoro tak przyjemnie się go goni...
— łona - nie gadaj tyle
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September 07 2014

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September 03 2014

September 02 2014

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